Jim Nasr

CEO Acoer, Formerly Chief Architect of CDC

What you will learn?

  • Blockchain as plumbing for computational trust
  • (Distributed) Apps
  • Blockchain Infrastructure & Protocols
  • Economic Viability (Pricing Stability, Gas Fee Variability, Transaction Fees)
  • Platform Characteristics (Public/Private/Permissioned, Native Services, Security, Speed, Scale)
  • Sustainability (Consensus Algorithm, Mining Complexity, Energy Consumption)
  • Governance (Decentralized Operations, Compliance, Treasury, Growth, Developer Support, Open-source Forking)
  • Tokenization (Token Economics Strategy, Network Effect, Viability)

  • Getting practical: Leveraging public DLT, anchoring legacy data
  • Patient Health Record Access 
  • Supply Chain “Track & Trace” 
  • Health Marketplace Price Transparency  
  • Health Data Visualization (Public Data Dashboards, Proof of Authenticity)

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